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 Heero Tanaka

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Tanaka, Heero
King of Games
King of Games

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PostSubject: Heero Tanaka   Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:23 am

Name: Tanaka, Heero

Gender: Male

Age: 15


Dorm: Silent Silver
[Silent Silver | Midnight Terror]

Personality: Deteremined, reckless, headstrong

Biography: Considered to be the next King of Games, Heero's dueling talent is almost unmatched, except by the once legendary Yugi Moto. He has yet to meet anyone that is able to even take out five hundred of his life points. Because of this, however, Heero is arrogant, and makes many mistakes. However, he makes up for this mistakes with out-of-this-world combos.

Character's Deck List:
x1 King of the Demonic Mirrors
x2 Demonic Mirror Queen
x2 Jin - Demonic Mirror Illusionist
x3 Reflect Bounder Unit
x2 Demonic Mirror Knight
x2 Prince of the Demonic Mirror Kingdom
x3 Demonic Mirror Monster
x3 Master of the Demonic Mirrors
x2 Demonic Mirror Servent

x3 Shattered Mirror
x2 Reflection
x3 Mirror Magic
x2 Mage Power

x1 Mirror Force
x1 Magic Cylinder
x3 Mirror Bound
x2 Mirror of Sealing
x3 Royal Reflection

[Perferably via PM]

Character's Ace: King of the Demonic Mirrors
[Perferably via PM]
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Heero Tanaka
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